Tuesday, December 8

Jason for Adele

Jason for Adele

My entry for the MeadowHaven Art Contest: “One, Two, Three..?"

All characters property of Adele Lorienne S.
This image copyright © 2009 Claudia Sutton.
Please do not reproduce without permission.

Monday, November 16


Painted in Photoshop in 2 hours.

Muted: A super quick sketch that I did impulsively last night. It kinda reminds me of an H&M advertisement. I don’t know. Maybe he got his scarf there!

Monday, September 21


A quick character portrait that I did in 4-5 hours with Photoshop and a Wacom.  

Claudia loves drawing portraits. Hurray for that, and as always, it was fun to paint. I have so many characters that I have to get out of my head.

Sunday, September 20

Published in Art Scene International

Art Scene International 

Hey all! I am very happy to announce that the October issue of Art Scene International magazine features my artwork. Yesterday I went to the book store to check it out, it’s there, and it just hit the shelf. I was so excited that I did a little dance in the magazine section. Seeing your work in print is always great.

So if you read/subscribe to ASI, look out for me. If I remember correctly, it is a full page spread on page 39.

Go buy a copy if you're into art magazines!

Thursday, September 10

Time Warp

 Time Warp Meme by thundercake.

So I decided to do this as well. I rarely do self-portrait work so I thought it would be fun. Overall it took me about a month to finish, because I put it up for awhile and went on vacation. Done in Photoshop with a Wacom. Everything in the painting is real: The clothing, jewelry, shoes, hair, attitude, Pokey the mouse, etc.

Tuesday, July 28

EFOG INC. and BHE Artwork

The Cards Promotional Poster

From the left to right: Courtney, Jaelen, Mason, Lydia, Jonathon,
Janice, Jeremy, Lucian, Colin, Becka, Ethan, Kobie, and Larisa.

This is work that I did for EFOG INC. and Black Halo Entertainment’s The Cards.

Assailment Promotional Poster

This is work that I did for Black Halo Entertainment’s Black Halo.

Do not reproduce without permission.

Monday, June 22

Boy and Girl

Painted in Photoshop with pencil and watercolor brushes. 

Trying something different is always fun. This new technique took a bit of getting use to though, but it's rather convincing for digital pencil and watercolor. I'll have to do more!

Friday, June 5

My E3 2009

To start off, I have to show this video from E3. It is too funny and basically gives you an idea of the coolness that happened over there this year in LA. Check it out: Jimmy Fallon E3 Coverage.

So yeah. I saw a lot of great new games, played some nice demos, and got to meet awesome people. One highlight was that I got to say hi to Shigeru Miyamoto. But I total froze up and just smiled and waved. I know he can’t speak English very well at all, so I did not want to confuse him with all my respectful ramblings. He bowed to me and continued on as I totally pick my jaw up off the floor. I unfortunately didn’t even have my camera on me so I could not ask him for a picture. Oh well.

Until next year, here are some photos that I took from the show.

L.A. Streets Prior to E3 Opening

Playstation and Capcom Booth Construction

Steve Wiebe: Donkey Kong Champion | Square-Enix Booth | Batmobile

Balthier and Fran | Cloud and Gabranth | Shiva Summons


Tuesday, May 19


Pirates are awesome.

This is a piece I had a lot of fun working on. Summer's almost here and I just could not resist painting some pirates! Done in Photoshop with a Wacom in about 3 weeks off and on.

I also included the painting steps here:
Retribution - Piratey Steps

Monday, March 9

Vampire: The Requiem | The French Lady

The French Lady

This is work that I did for White Wolf's Vampire: The Requiem RPG.

Do not reproduce without permission.

Thursday, March 5

Blue Waters

 I love you.

This was a painting I did for my loving Aunt. Last week my family and I went to the East Coast to visit her because she has cancer. I'm very grateful that I got to see her before she passed on and was able to present the painting to her before she was unaware of her surroundings.

She always supported my art career and continuously told me that she was my biggest fan. I will miss her very much.

This painting was done in Photoshop, from multiple photo references, using the grid method. It took two weeks to paint in my free time and is unfinished in some areas, because I did not have enough time. Even though it is not completely done, I kinda like how you can see the painting process. So I'm going to leave it how it is.

Monday, February 9

People Pictures 4

More quick character sketches from my book.

These are the last of them! I sold the book recently to someone that really loves them, so that's cool. Perhaps I'll start up something new now.

Wednesday, February 4

Celestial Descent

Celestial Descent

This is another example, like my “Lyre” piece, of a drawing that was neglected for about a year until I had the time and mind-set to finish it. It was interesting to see how the concept evolved and improved over time.

Saturday, January 24

Assailment Concept Art

 Zaciah - The Warrior

Akori - The High Priest

Shemeit - The Crowned Ruler

Odjit - The Grand Commander

Irisi - The Corrupt

Rasui - The Profit

Kamenwati - The Ruthless

Work done for Black Halo Entertainment’s Assailment (World of Chi).

Do not reproduce without permission.

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