Tuesday, April 22

Hero: City Nights

Wow, it’s done! It took so long to make that I lost track of the hours.

This piece is painted in Photoshop for a Square-Enix contest, so of course it is very Square-looking! I wanted to stay on model and use the palette that was previously established to make it feel like the same world.

Tuesday, April 15

Vampire: The Requiem

Corbin Delacroix
Clan: Ventrue | Embrace: 2007 | Apparent Age: 25

Jorge Devidamente "The Bloodhound"
Clan: Ventrue | Embrace: 2005 | Apparent Age: Mid 40's

This is work that I did for White Wolf's
Ventrue: Lords Over the Damned (Vampire: The Requiem) RPG.

Do not reproduce without permission.

Friday, April 11


Photography from my beautiful trip to Disneyland.

Wednesday, April 2

C o t z


He took about 4hrs to paint. I tried a different technique with this one, keeping the paint stokes really rough where details are not important.

Spring is coming again, but unfortunately it is cloudy outside my window today. Longingly, this image reminds me of the ocean with its soft colors. Maybe he is the sea personified, which definitely did not come to mind when I was creating the piece.

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