Saturday, March 10

WonderCon and GDC

Last weekend I went to WonderCon in San Francisco and had the pleasure of seeing/meeting some very talented people. This included director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead), actor Gerard Butler (The Phantom of the Opera), and Lena Headey (The Brothers Grimm) for the new Frank Miller film 300. It was very inspiring to hear them talk about the film and their personal opinions about the topic. I also attended Bruce Timm (Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series), DC Comics' Dan DiDio, and Gregory Noveck's talk about their new animated feature The Death of Superman.

After the seminars I did not have much time to walk around, but I had a chance to talk with artists Stephen Silver, Joshua Ellingson, Bobby Chiu, Mike Mignola, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and Joshua Middleton. It was nice to meet them, and hopefully next year will be just as interesting.

GDC, also in San Francisco, was a very different experience for me in comparison to the previous year, because I was working it. I got to listen to Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda) speak about the Wii and how he goes about developing his games.

Here is a link if anyone is interested in the presentation:

I also attended a session about The Legend of Zelda series with Eiji Aonuma. It was a real treat to hear him speak in person as well... Of course anything regarding Zelda is exciting to me.


Friday, March 2

More, More, and More

Some more drawings from when I was at the Academy. These are longer sketches ranging from an hour to three hours all done in charcoal.

Thursday, March 1

Life Drawings

Life Drawings

Here are some more clothed figure drawings that I dug up. These are all 10-20 minute drawings done when I was studying at the Academy of Art University.

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