Friday, January 19

Now I'm Lost

Hand drawn and painted in Photoshop. A total of 5 hours.

He was inspired by a song and the result of feeling alone... It took me awhile to get this one out of my head, because I wanted to capture precisely what I saw in my mind. I was not going to be satisfied with a happy accident. Therefore, it was more about emotions than a narrative.

Friday, January 12

Snow White Concept Art

 Snow White Concept Art

These characters were designed right before the other Snow White pieces that I created. I started off very cartoony, but in the end went with a more realistic European/Japanese look.  

If you want to see what I ended up with, you can find them here:
Final Snow White Concepts

Wednesday, January 10

Yeah! Life Drawing

These were good times! 

These are all from life. The first two drawings are from character design class, followed by the Renaissance Fair, and then the last two are from the San Francisco Zoo.

Monday, January 8


 Good fun was had.

Here's a few more characters that I dug up from my archives. They're both quick five-minute sketches from life.

Sunday, January 7

Figure Studies

Here's to sketching!

I was sorting through my art folders today and I came across some work that I wanted to post. They are all Academy assignments or studies from life and books, including master replicas of Michelangelo’s Libyan Sibyl and Study of Haman that are the exact size of the ancient originals.

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