Saturday, March 10

WonderCon and GDC

Last weekend I went to WonderCon in San Francisco and had the pleasure of seeing/meeting some very talented people. This included director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead), actor Gerard Butler (The Phantom of the Opera), and Lena Headey (The Brothers Grimm) for the new Frank Miller film 300. It was very inspiring to hear them talk about the film and their personal opinions about the topic. I also attended Bruce Timm (Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series), DC Comics' Dan DiDio, and Gregory Noveck's talk about their new animated feature The Death of Superman.

After the seminars I did not have much time to walk around, but I had a chance to talk with artists Stephen Silver, Joshua Ellingson, Bobby Chiu, Mike Mignola, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and Joshua Middleton. It was nice to meet them, and hopefully next year will be just as interesting.

GDC, also in San Francisco, was a very different experience for me in comparison to the previous year, because I was working it. I got to listen to Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda) speak about the Wii and how he goes about developing his games.

Here is a link if anyone is interested in the presentation:

I also attended a session about The Legend of Zelda series, with Eiji Aonuma. Which I was not too happy with, because of how banal the speech was. I wish he would have provided a little more in-depth information about the series, and not just something we could have read in the latest issue of Game Informer. Oh well…Until next year.



  1. So what did you think of 300?

    I thought parts of it were fantastic, but I left the theater feeling that it could have been more. I do want to pick up the graphic novel now, though.

    BTW, you accidentally misspelled a word somewhere in your blog entry. Just saying. >=)

  2. Ah! Bad Claudia :(

    I'm really good at doing that.

    What else did you feel the movie needed?

  3. I should note that my experience was somewhat affected by the random commentary & laugh track I had sitting next to me in the theater. At times it broke my immersion of the film. Ah well.

    Anyway, regarding what I thought the film was lacking: characterization. I didn't really feel anything for most of the characters, if that makes sense. For instance, the filmmakers did a better job portraying Gorgo then they did with Leonidas, who came off at times like a melodramatic action hero (compared to, if we're going to pick similar genre films, Maximus from Gladiator). It's been stated that they expanded the Queen's role from the graphic novel, and that's probably why.

    From what I've heard, the film adapts the graphic novel fairly faithfully, so perhaps what we're getting is representative of the original story and whatever problems it might have had. I've yet to read it, so I can't say for sure.

    That said, I did enjoy the movie. However, I wouldn't rush out to watch it again--unless I had good company.

    So, quid pro quo, Bad Claudia: what did you think? >=)

  4. Hi there, really nice blog you've got.
    I really enjoyed your art.
    Can not wait for 300, but, unfortunately,it arrives down here in april, so I have to wait till then.
    Nice to see there's zelda fans out there:)
    I probably should not be one due to my old age, and yet, that game takes me on adventure like no other.
    "ocarina of time" still remains the best one.
    TP was cool, and it took me places, but i did not have as much fun.
    Bah, look at me, spilling geek-juice all over the place.

    Anyhow, cheers to you and your work and good luck with it all,

    Kind regards,


  5. Thank you Milenko for all the kind words. I definitely agree with you about Zelda.

    and ps
    geek juice is not that bad


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