Monday, January 8


 Good fun was had.

Here's a few more characters that I dug up from my archives. They're both quick five-minute sketches from life.


  1. Isnt Twilight Princess the coolest? The game is AMAZING!

  2. oooooo. I have not played it yet.

    I am waiting to get an HDTV.


    Soon though… It is just waiting for me.

  3. Haha, I did the same thing! I bought it when Wii came out but I didnt have a component cable right away so it sat for weeks until I found one. It's worth it though so definitely buy one of those cables.
    As far as the game, if you thought Wind Waker was good, you're in for a real treat! It feels like you're playing Ocarina of Time only hundreds of years in the future. It takes you back but it still feels fresh. It's just beautilful, gorgeous, the art direction inspiring....
    It's delicious, I can't express it enough.
    It'd be cool to get your impressions after you've touched it.

  4. Hello again, Anonymous... Are you by chance the same person that posted on FF12?


    Yes! I am dying to play. Zelda is my favorite. It has been since I was little. So it is definitely worth the wait to see it on an HDTV.

    I have so many games on my list to play. Everyone at my company is playing Burning Crusade right now, so I probably will get into that soon as well.

    When I finish Zelda, I most definitely will have something to say about it.

  5. Yeah, same guy :)

    And I have to say after some time, I've decided that I did not like FF12 more than part 10. 12 had just a little too much politics for my taste. Plus the themes in 10 were more interesting to me, not to mention it had a really kick ass ending.

    My 2 cents...

    I love your art by the way!

  6. As far as WoW goes, good luck. I hear it consumes lives and takes souls. :)

  7. he he he. Yeah, I hear you about WOW. I am not going to get too deep into it. I just want to try a Blood Elf out for a little while.

    I will not let it take my soul!

    It was good to hear from you again.


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