Monday, November 5

People Pictures 2


More quick character sketches from my little handmade book. I rather like them, and they were very fun to create. Hurray for sketchbooks!

Monday, October 29

Miss Lucy


“She lives beyond the grace of God, a wanderer in the outer darkness. She is vampyre, Nosferatu. These creatures do not die like the bee after the first sting but instead grow strong and become immortal once infected by another Nosferatu. So, my friends, we fight not one beast but legions that go on age after age after age, feeding on the blood of the living.” - Van Helsing

This painting illustrates Lucy Westenra’s return to her tomb after abducting a child for feeding; her white wedding dress stained with the blood of the innocent. It is the first time Lucy’s vampire form is revealed after she was killed by Dracula.

Tuesday, October 2

People Pictures 1

  These are about 3-5 minute drawings.

Quick sketches! Hurray! I figured I would share some sketchy goodness in all its weirdness, because I normally don’t and people have been asking for some.

Sunday, September 23

Ahoy! Ye Scurvy Sea Dogs

I finally finished up Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and I must say it was a good read. A fast one too, I highly recommend it to anyone that has not had a chance to experience it. The characters are just full of life and go through really interesting arches. It was inspiring, and now I want to be a pirate!

Happy Reading,

Also, just for fun, here is a photo from my crazy birthday party. There were about eight of us with September birthdays sharing the cake. It was such a big-ass party because my friend Nino, standing next to me, invited like his whole Bay-Area entourage.

Thursday, May 3

Give In

Hand drawn and painted in Photoshop. A total of 4 hours.

Another personal painting just for fun. I’m trying to loosen up a bit with my painting style, and just let them be more experimental so I can focus on the overall mood.

Monday, April 23

For You

Just rockin’ out in the clouds!

It’s nice to have all the free time in the world on the weekends to do my own work. This one took me awhile to get right. I had to do some experiments with color, because I was losing the original feeling when I painted over the drawing. Hand drawn, painted in Photoshop.

Tuesday, April 10



Sleepy Claudia... I need to go to bed... but I couldn't until I finished my sketch.

Monday, April 2



This painting started from a small sketch I did on my free time. His name is Feja, and it was really satisfying. The weather has been getting nicer because spring is on its way. As a result, the colors were definitely inspired by the season unlike the meaning of the work. Painted in Photoshop in 6 hours.

Saturday, March 10

WonderCon and GDC

Last weekend I went to WonderCon in San Francisco and had the pleasure of seeing/meeting some very talented people. This included director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead), actor Gerard Butler (The Phantom of the Opera), and Lena Headey (The Brothers Grimm) for the new Frank Miller film 300. It was very inspiring to hear them talk about the film and their personal opinions about the topic. I also attended Bruce Timm (Batman Beyond, Superman: The Animated Series), DC Comics' Dan DiDio, and Gregory Noveck's talk about their new animated feature The Death of Superman.

After the seminars I did not have much time to walk around, but I had a chance to talk with artists Stephen Silver, Joshua Ellingson, Bobby Chiu, Mike Mignola, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, and Joshua Middleton. It was nice to meet them, and hopefully next year will be just as interesting.

GDC, also in San Francisco, was a very different experience for me in comparison to the previous year, because I was working it. I got to listen to Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda) speak about the Wii and how he goes about developing his games.

Here is a link if anyone is interested in the presentation:

I also attended a session about The Legend of Zelda series with Eiji Aonuma. It was a real treat to hear him speak in person as well... Of course anything regarding Zelda is exciting to me.


Friday, March 2

More, More, and More

Some more drawings from when I was at the Academy. These are longer sketches ranging from an hour to three hours all done in charcoal.

Thursday, March 1

Life Drawings

Life Drawings

Here are some more clothed figure drawings that I dug up. These are all 10-20 minute drawings done when I was studying at the Academy of Art University.

Wednesday, February 28

Characters from Figure Drawing Class

Hurray for characters!

I was going through more of my files and I came across some little drawings. These are all from life and range from 2-10 minutes. I love doing studies like these, because I only use the models when needed and go crazy with what I envision in my head.

Friday, January 19

Now I'm Lost

Hand drawn and painted in Photoshop. A total of 5 hours.

He was inspired by a song and the result of feeling alone... It took me awhile to get this one out of my head, because I wanted to capture precisely what I saw in my mind. I was not going to be satisfied with a happy accident. Therefore, it was more about emotions than a narrative.

Friday, January 12

Snow White Concept Art

 Snow White Concept Art

These characters were designed right before the other Snow White pieces that I created. I started off very cartoony, but in the end went with a more realistic European/Japanese look.  

If you want to see what I ended up with, you can find them here:
Final Snow White Concepts

Wednesday, January 10

Yeah! Life Drawing

These were good times! 

These are all from life. The first two drawings are from character design class, followed by the Renaissance Fair, and then the last two are from the San Francisco Zoo.

Monday, January 8


 Good fun was had.

Here's a few more characters that I dug up from my archives. They're both quick five-minute sketches from life.

Sunday, January 7

Figure Studies

Here's to sketching!

I was sorting through my art folders today and I came across some work that I wanted to post. They are all Academy assignments or studies from life and books, including master replicas of Michelangelo’s Libyan Sibyl and Study of Haman that are the exact size of the ancient originals.

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