Tuesday, December 5

Work and Play

Between drawing all day at work and playing Final Fantasy XII, I have been a busy girl. I finished it on Sunday night after 111 hours of gameplay. It was a beautiful game and was very inspiring to me. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has not played it, or at least watch parts of it.

So... Now I'm back, and I will get some new work up shortly.


  1. 111 hours of gameplay?!??!?!???! That's insane, why'd it take so long?

  2. ha ha ha... Well, I did a lot of side quests, leveling, and exploring. So I tried not to progress the story until I was satisfied with completing what I wanted to finish, but by all means I did not do everything in the game.

  3. I cant decide if I like this one more than 10. In your opninion, is 12 the best Final Fantasy ever?

  4. Wow, that is hard. For me it is between 10 and 12 as well. There were things that I really appreciated from both games so I think they stand alone.
    But…I know I like the character designs in 12 better, because they seem more real unlike 10 which were more fantastic.

  5. Yeah, Balthier and Fran are the coolest.


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