Tuesday, December 5

Work and Play

Between drawing all day at work and playing Final Fantasy XII, I have been a busy girl. I finished it on Sunday night after 111 hours of gameplay. It was a beautiful game and was very inspiring to me. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has not played it, or at least watch parts of it.

So... Now I'm back, and I will get some new work up shortly.

Thursday, September 7

The Amaara Family

The Amaara Family

This is a redo of a piece I did about a year ago. I really liked the concept so I wanted to salvage the idea. Some of you might remember them….

Monday, September 4

Sketching at Hippie Hill

Life drawing!

I went to the drum circle in Golden Gate Park today for some drawing and had a really good time. The only thing was that people were jamming and dancing all over the place so it was really difficult to capture a good pose. So I just did portraits.

Tuesday, August 1


Cole... He's a favorite of mine.

I have been into profiles lately, because the silhouette really captures the character. Maybe I will develop him more when I get a chance. We'll see.

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