Friday, February 23


"If you can make one person smile a day, you have shared your love." - Alice Sutton

It is time. Thank you again for everything. Go forward with love in your hearts, and remember to always follow your greatest joy. Consciousness is what creates your experience. That’s our plan as well... It will be fun.

♡ Aaron and Claudia

Tuesday, January 23

It's Time... We Best Be Off

"Life to you is a dashing, bold adventure." - Fortune Cookie

Aaron and I have decided to close down our blog and YouTube channels in 30 days, so make sure to copy, download, and save anything that you desire within that time. We've been feeling this way for a long while now, and think that the time is right. It will make life simple.... We truly are adventurous minimalists at heart. Thank you so much for these wonderful years together. It's been an honor, and we only hope that our creations were inspiring, entertaining, and perhaps even at times, helpful.

We are going to ride off into the sunset now to live happily ever after. Bring us that horizon! Know that we are well, and we wish you the very same. Live life to the fullest, and follow your heart.

♡ Aaron and Claudia