Wednesday, January 18

Elemental Stones

E A R T H  .  F I R E  .  A I R  .  W A T E R

A set of beautiful river stones commissioned for Carla Sutton, each representing one of the four elements. Designed and carved by Aaron. Selected and hand painted by Claudia.

Friday, January 13

Living out of a Backpack and Traveling the World

Colin Wright is a badass, simply put. Aaron and I have so much respect for him. One day, perhaps we'll even choose a similar lifestyle. All we know is that is the direction we are heading together. Get ready for us.

Extremes Are Easy | Colin Wright | TEDx

Cheers and here's to happy, healthy living.

Wednesday, January 11

Digital Detox: How to Declutter Your Online Life

When Claudia and I discuss minimalism, we are excited about how it can help us attain our desired lifestyle of freedom, health, and harmony with Nature. It’s an indispensable philosophy for us, and the vehicle by which our journey carries us to only the most authentic of experiences together. By separating ourselves from a culture consumed with the accumulation of possessions, we’ve diminished the inevitable maintenance that such clutter demands of us. We choose simplicity; to be light enough for flight. Each new level of our liberation avails us more time to practice our passions of love and life.

Practicing minimalism will be unique for everyone; that’s the beauty of it. The idea is to simplify life by keeping or engaging in only that which will provide valuable experiences. We also find that when we are intentional with the time we spend online, we have less stress. Minimizing excess offers great health benefits to the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of one’s being.

All forms of virtual content also demand our attention, and therefore our time. The consequences can be at least as significant and detrimental as their physical counterparts, partly since digital experiences are far more abundant and accessible. Social media has actually disconnected people; most are so obsessed with their activity feeds that they’ve made themselves oblivious to their surroundings, including anything from walking down the street to sitting around the table with family. Escape your screens and discover the world with your own eyes; relax your thumbs and have sincere conversations.

For these reasons, Claudia and I have made a clean digital space part of our lifestyle. Honesty about what we actually use is best, so that only the valuable content remains. There are many facets to having a digital life, and it goes beyond time spent on the internet; offline content should also be considered. We keep that which enhances our life, so we still have our favorite games, films, and music. Again, the principle is valid for everything; finding balance and consuming deliberately will reap the most rewarding life for everyone.

Start with the easy things. Be honest. I only kept the accounts that are being used in an efficient, meaningful way, and only subscribe to content that promotes wisdom in living. My time spent on the internet is with a deliberate purpose; I stay focused and avoid habitual distractions to have time for authentic happiness.

Simply being with Claudia is my purpose in life, so our overall integration of minimalism is essential to ensuring that our every moment together is always the best.

- Aaron -

Monday, January 9

Gandhi's Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World

What beautiful words, from such a beautiful person. When I first saw these, I thought to myself, "Now, this is true. This can change the world." I want to do my part. I'm ready.

Love Claudia  xx

Thursday, January 5

How to Do a 24-Hour Dry Fast Properly

You know what's more amazing than water fasting: Dry fasting. Truly, dry fasting (fasting without food or water) is the top of the detoxification mountain and many people are praising its benefits. The last few fasts that I've done have been dry fasts, and I too found them to be most wonderful. What was surprising to me, is that I wasn't having the severe detox symptoms that I normally get when water fasting. Sometimes, depending on the water fast, I would get nauseated right after drinking, but with dry fasting this never happened because I wasn't drinking any water.

I write about fasting so much, because it is the way that most creatures heal in nature. If they are sick, then they isolate themselves, try to curl up somewhere dark, and stay there until feeling better. Usually, they will instinctively go without food, or try eating bitter herbs with a bit of water if the environment allows for it.

It's the same for humans; when we get sick we don't have an appetite or can't keep food down if we tried. The body does not want to exert itself and compete with digestion when it's trying to heal. It's never about what we take, but what we trust our bodies to do on their own. We are all in different places, so depending on where you are in your journey, you might be ready for dry fasting. Proper guidance is important, that's why I'm here to share my experience with you. I'll be dry fasting today, and I'll document everything.

I've been on my wellness journey for over nine years now, and am only now choosing to dry fast. I had to work my way up to it, and I highly recommend that others do the same. Like all fasts, it's ideal to be on raw food for awhile, then transition to juice or coconut water for a day or two to ease into fasting. Personally, I don't always do this, because if one is on a high-fruit diet then it's pretty easy to transition into a fast.

Also, if you're interested, here's more about my water fasting experiences:

There isn't anything that has to be done during the day, so be still and enjoy the time. As always, listen to your body and if water is needed then simply partake. Now, on with the dry fasting.

Woke at 6:30am
I woke up with Aaron to help him get ready for work, but it's too early for me today. I'm a bit tired, and am going back to bed because it's still dark outside. See you again soon!

I got back up naturally a little before 7:30am and spent a half an hour in bed meditating. It was odd that I had three dreams about junk food last night. I pondered on that, laughed, and found it to be quite amusing. Shortly after mediation, I got online, responded to emails and messages, then got to work on a blog post scheduled for next week. I feel pretty normal, and there is nothing to report.

I am still working on my post, took some time to research the topic, and watched videos pertaining to it. I also took a moment to speak with Aaron on his lunch break via the internet, so that was nice. I always talk with him during his time off. Physically, I still feel perfectly normal, and I've noticed overall how easy fasting has become for me. My body is cleaner than ever before, so it just keeps getting better. Also, I wanted to note that I am not using water in any way today, nor do I normally when dry fasting. This is called absolute dry fasting, and it is best not to let any water come in contact with the body because it will absorb through the skin and mucous membranes. Doing this will ensure that I reach the deepest level that I can, and experience the full benefits of dry fasting. One day of dry fasting alone is equivalent to three days of water fasting.

I started to get fun stuff out via expectoration, which is normal during fasting and is always exciting. Better out than in! Sputum can range from white, grey, yellow, green, orange, brown, and black. The color can tell one a lot about how old some of the mucus may be, and the darker the color usually means that it's been stagnate and sitting in the body for a very long time. Mine wasn't, so that's a good thing.

Aaron's back home, and as I write this he's in the kitchen enjoying a meal of mandarins and oranges. Truly, today has been extremely easy so far and I'm very thankful that I am doing so well. Although, I am starting to experience small, fleeting headaches. They pass quickly and occur in different places. Technically at this time I can break my fast, because I was done with my last meal yesterday around 5:15pm. I'm not going to though because I always like to do a complete day. I'll start tomorrow in the morning with some fresh spring water. As always, refeeding is just as crucial as the fast. The digestive system has been at rest, and it's very important to ease back into the refeed. I'm actually going to water fast for two more days, then on Sunday morning I'll have some coconut water. That will be a full day on juices, and the following day I'll make smoothies or have really hydrating fruits.

I'm a little hungry now, but that's to be expected. Other than that, Aaron and I are going to hang out for the rest of the night. I'm definitely restful now, and since the sun has gone down I'm starting to feel naturally sleepy.

What an easy fast... Up until now. I'm pretty tired and nauseated, but I'm grateful that throughout most of the day it didn't even feel like I was fasting at all. Hurray for a high-fruit diet. I am quite excited to partake in some of that delicious citrus when the time comes, but I still have a few more days to go. Goodnight everyone, be well, and happy fasting. 

♡ Claudia

Tuesday, January 3

Huge Sale Offer for Private Mentoring Going on in January

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